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Talk Thai- The Quick Way To Learn A Language
SuniLearning a new language can often be a time consuming process in remembering each new word’s correct pronunciation, however this website aims to speed up this process by associating any new vocabulary you might learn with more familiar English words. This is done using pictures.

Sounds complicated? It really isn’t. Take for example the Thai word for rice which is pronounced ‘cow’, hence to help you remember this, in the picture on the left is an image of a cow eating a plate of ‘rice’. For many people this is a preferred method of learning as it is much easier bor the brain to remember an image rather than a word.

The idea being that you set yourself a target of how many words you wish to learn each day, rather than attempting to learn a long string of images, allowing yourself time to review material previously learnt. Time is needed to visualise and embelish these images, so they are established in the subconscious, allowing easy access for future use.

A Short Introduction to the Thai Language

The Thai language originated from the Thai-kadai language family of Southern China. Like the Chinese language Thai is an alphabetic language consisting of 44 consonants and 24 basic vowels. It is also a tonal language, meaning that you can say the same word in 5 different pitches (high, low, rising, falling, neutral) to have 5 separate meanings. For examplesaying 'cow' in a falling pitch is the Thai word for rice, but saying 'cow' in a low pitch, is the Thai word for news. On this website I have indicated the tone of the wordusing the following keys:

High tone   Raising tone   Neutral tone   Falling tone   Low tone

Tones create an extra challenge in that as well as learning what to say you will also need to learn how to say it. However don't be deterred from this challenge as this website aims to ease the difficulty of learning Thai. For more information check out our page on the correct way to pronounce these tones by clicking here.

Basic Conversation

Hello: Sour-Dee-Cap (or 'Sour-Dee-Ca' for a girl)

The best thing to learn first, as with any language, is the basic conversational vocabulary, as shown below.

Hello: Sa-wat-dee
How old are you: Are-yu-tow-rai
What is your name?: Koon-Cher-Ari
I am ___ years old?: Pom/Dechan-are-you-____-bee
ผม/ดิฉันอายุ_____ ปี
My name is _____.: Pom/Dechan*-Cher-______
Where are you from?: Koon-Ma-jak-ni
Nice to meet you.: Yin-dee-tee-die-roo-jak
I am from _____.: Pom/Dechan*-Ma-Jak-_____

*I (referring to oneself) has two different translations depending on which sex it is being spoken by. A male would refer to themselves as 'pom'. Whilst a female speaker would refer to themselves as 'dechan'.

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